Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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Here is Hope

Here’s hope
Showing up at your front door
Here’s hope
Yeah what’s everybody looking for
Here’s your one chance to make a difference
Here’s your one choice to give a helping hand
There’s room at the table for more
Yeah here’s hope

#owl city

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain-Joseph Campbell(1904-1987)

In a foreign land

Opportunity strikes once,

And mine had surely come,

The exciting feeling, inadequacy of the moment,

It reminded  me of lower school,

How we packed all luggage and slept awake waiting to go home,

The ecstasy to even eat,think,laugh..

The moment was here.


After many years of fantasy,

The imagination of how it would have been,

The prayers and dedication,

Every shilling that had to count counted.

The involvement of the high end know all people

Those that would make the dream come true

Yet here it came shining so bright on my eyes.


The village members,elders,who is who were here

This was no ordinary thing,

It was surely everything,

The community assembled,they had to hear my last words.,

Gosh! it was as though i was dying,

But yeah these were my family,since i could mumble

Now it was obligatory,to bade off one of them

Its like a fallen soldiers last respect


No one knows of tomorrow, so they preached,

My tomorrow had come and gone.

I haven’t known what happened to date

A decade has gone,

Am stuck here, the questions slowly died out,

Just like my dream,

of seeing a foreign land away from  third world states,

Its the Disney land fantasy,

And a fantasy it remains.





“One faces a choice in life. You can do what you are told by parents and the bosses or you can define a vision for yourself.” — Murray Johannsen

The most important asset in a library goes away at night -the library staff.

Late night reminisce

Mommy always had it all,

Alleged vision of my life to be

From the first day to date.

She knew how easy it was to follow the sinking trough

25 years now and still goes strong with a story of my next life

Still struggles to ring me to rise up

120 km away today, call it the technology world

Did you have dinner, don’t lie young girl, she insists

Life is short, eat well dress smart and keep smiling, she reminds me

25 only? The many years I think I have lived are just a day or two to her

No one grows older here dad  concurs.

Now the time is near mommys little girl found someone

Mama’s girl wanna start a life. But is mom ready

Mama says, do your things first others second.

Mamas words always true inspiring and always the best to lean on.

I gotta decide to listen to mama or go ahead.

It’s late night thinking someone be expecting a reply by dawn.

Decision that will   change it all, for all lol of us

Decision must be informed, I pray the ghosts in my dreams help my brain

When dawn arrives, all will be well.

To please me and most of all mama.


Cool water’s


The beauty of the scerenic view,
The cool breeze, of the massive waters,
Clear blue sky colour
Lake Ol bollosat,
Nature’s fine
In the  interior county
Away from the noisy city and unending tower bells
Hooting of public  vans
But the lake calm, howling winds,
And the cool breeze,
Lake Ol bollosat nature’s best

Into the dark

The skies clear fast,

then clouds follow,

The wind howls,

The sun sets, helter and skelter,

children ran to their homes,

Girls are slowly returning home, bundles of wood,

carefully tied round their heads,

The cow moos,sheep hurriedly stroll back to their pen,

its dark again, in the nyakiambi village, as the norm,

the dim light at the end of the thick forest shyly glitter,

Mr.Kamau’s lit home, electricity only reached to his gate, thanks to his Sons who now live in the states

The political leaders promised electrical connection, its now been 5years,the citizens will be voting again

the ripple of the tributaries can be heard draining to the large water source, Geta

The flapping birds flying back to their nests.

The aroma of cooking ugali is evident

the roasted maize awaiting consumption,and boiling tea as is the culture,

Its night again, mama hurriedly ensuring everyone dusts off their dusty feet,

And children pulling out their warm sweaters to shelter the cold away,

Its not a before grandpa snorts away to mountainous ugali,beckoning the blankets nearby.

Into the dark, the small Nyakiamabi village its i its pin drop silence,just before the first cock crows.








Some laughter

If you are ugly

You are ugly,

don’t tell us about

Inner beauty

We don’t walk around

with x rays