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Maybe Am Dreaming

I Cant see;

When am in the sea;

You gaze around trying to see me;

Am beneath the ocean;

You sail through;

Trying to catch my frail self;

The splashing waves;

The sea gull screams;

You’ll carry me home, i wont make a sound

Or maybe am dreaming



The scent is real,

the silver beams

are twirling round and round

The boat man;s light dims

i cling onto hope

Beneath the heavier waves

Are some divine foreshadowing and foreseeing
Of things beyond our reason or control.

Or maybe am dreaming


Of bosses and workers


Its still days into my first month

I cant say am not adjusting, I am quit fast

Not like  i have a better option

I have to.

Librarianship it is,

I sit on my desk, look at the library inventory

Most books are missing

Most books are overdue, some cant be traced

Owe it to my predecessor.

I decide to do an email

I ask politely for people to take a minute to return the books or renew them

am happy, they comply

Just one person or maybe two

Just when am thinking all is going on well.

An EMAIL appears, its him, the boss

“Kindly go round the office picking all books that are not in use, be doing this often”

That is all he had to say.

I don’t know what to feel

I realize, my options are limited

Its a new work place, i need to be smart,,

…….stands up and begins book collection.