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Gone too soon

Hey there now
Where’d you go
You left me here so unexpected
You changed my life
I hope you know
cause now I’m lost
So unprotected

In a blink of an eye
I never got to say goodbye

Like a shooting star
Flyin’ across the room
So fast so far
You were gone too soon
You’re part of me
And I’ll never be
The same here without you
You were gone too soon

You were always there
and like shining light
on my darkest days
you were there to guide me

Oh I miss you now
I wish you could see
Just how much your memory
Will always mean to me

# simple Plan

Late night reminisce

Mommy always had it all,

Alleged vision of my life to be

From the first day to date.

She knew how easy it was to follow the sinking trough

25 years now and still goes strong with a story of my next life

Still struggles to ring me to rise up

120 km away today, call it the technology world

Did you have dinner, don’t lie young girl, she insists

Life is short, eat well dress smart and keep smiling, she reminds me

25 only? The many years I think I have lived are just a day or two to her

No one grows older here dad  concurs.

Now the time is near mommys little girl found someone

Mama’s girl wanna start a life. But is mom ready

Mama says, do your things first others second.

Mamas words always true inspiring and always the best to lean on.

I gotta decide to listen to mama or go ahead.

It’s late night thinking someone be expecting a reply by dawn.

Decision that will   change it all, for all lol of us

Decision must be informed, I pray the ghosts in my dreams help my brain

When dawn arrives, all will be well.

To please me and most of all mama.


My reminisce..


I recall vividly, the naivety, the expectations,

The unknown fear, what to expect

What it will be like, i hardly slept, perhaps i did, with one eye open

I was nervous, i never intended it would be coming soon,

Yet here it was, I had to face it, I had asked for it anyway.

I woke up unusually early, got ready and out i was, one matatu(bus) after the other

It was my first day, a new community, a new era, anew life page

In no time i had reached my destination, I almost forget to alight

Not because i forgot, but because i didn’t know where exactly to alight

thanks to my caring neighbor, he alerted me in a nick of time

I winked back as the bus sped, just to show my appreciatiion

It was still quit dark, i could hear the early birds chirping,

Not even the early worms were up

The environment looked creepy,

No people around, i bet they were still snoring loudly

being a public servants office, people would start streaming at 9am,

yet here i was, at 6:15 am I had close to 3hours to waste away,

I was determined, it was my first internship, hoping to open a door to a job

So i had to be patient, be patience if need be.

A quick thought rang,

i was busy surveying my new environment, fantasies of how it looked like in broad daylight

Then i saw him, the newspaper vendor, yep-pi!

He was going to be my next subject, to give an overview of life in comunity

Quickly i strode, i wasn’t gonna miss out this amazing chance,

In no time, i was asking the unending queries,

I had to find out what awaits me, i had to kill time, i had to make friends at least up to 9am

all was okay, infant I even bought a newspaper, to say thanks as well as read!!

Tick tack…it was 9am, and true to the culture the office opened

I walked in, introduced myself,

Passed on the invitation letter, i tried to be calm, pretending to have also just arrived, in an hour or so, i was all set up

welcome madam, he said calmly,gently trying to force a smile, i replied in the exact same manner, he was the librarian in charge, he was gonna be my supervisor for the next three months

I had to like him, professionally, whether i wanted to or not

The day passed on, mainly induction, here and there, round and round

i now had two friends , i was happy, the visitor syndrome was slowly fading away

It was my new home, at least for the time being

There were no clients for the day

however, i was still glad, i had learnt something, i had met somene

i had a new friend, come tomorrow, i will be an original

Time passed by, i even had tea and cake, it was welcoming

I slowly forget all about the morning fevers and uneasy feelings,

I knew i would get used to, i knew it was the only option.

Looking back, i cant help but laugh

It takes me only 10minutes at most to get there,

i don’t have to get there that early

infant, i have the library keys, in-case am extraordinarily early,

i can comfortably hang on for clients in the comfort of the library

The newspaper vendor has become my friends of all times, we laugh alot

And to top it all, i got the new title, librarian, the job came down to me

It must have been heaven sent

Now am working on the title,

to not only be the librarian,

but the staff best staff of the month:the librarian.