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Gone too soon

Hey there now
Where’d you go
You left me here so unexpected
You changed my life
I hope you know
cause now I’m lost
So unprotected

In a blink of an eye
I never got to say goodbye

Like a shooting star
Flyin’ across the room
So fast so far
You were gone too soon
You’re part of me
And I’ll never be
The same here without you
You were gone too soon

You were always there
and like shining light
on my darkest days
you were there to guide me

Oh I miss you now
I wish you could see
Just how much your memory
Will always mean to me

# simple Plan

Marry me

Its a beautiful night, the sky glow like the sun

I seem to have nothing to do, my to do list complete

Hey babe I think i wanna marry you

The look in your eyes, betray your words

The dancing shoe, mini address tell more

who cares babe, I think i wanna marry you

I know place we can go

No one will know

We can blow our shirts and cash up

we will go go go,,,if you ready likeĀ  I am

I wanna marry you,,