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“Big names”

Madam, Director, chief of staff, Boss,Doctor,Senior

What is it in this big name,,

“Big five” That how some put it.

My mother says, big names come with accomplishments, big ones,

Someone else said added,,It depends with the environment,

What is the essence of a big name if its not accompanied by your achievement?

To scare people, rather to incite fear or to be given front seats,,

No,no,no,  Lets go by mama, big names need big accomplishment.Period.

Drop the name if your work does not reflect.




The Morning text

Its early morning

5  o’clock alarm on set

wake up and peeps through my phone

there is a morning text

i smile, it must been him

I blush shyly, yet alone, with no one on site

I sit still,

contemplating on the past

the first day we met, I smile more

Under the chestnut tree, we first kissed

I  Missed the moment

Sooner or later, i geared my self

Unlocked my phone, i like my privacy

On to the text

Ohh no, i try to re read

Its the same, now and again

So i retrace my steps, yesterday night

” i should have hanged out with my buddies-

Instead of chatting with you” it read in part

What was this about, my poor sweet memories

fading as fast as they came

I should have thought-before i doz-zed off, in the middle of the chat

Its a morning text

A text of doom,

someone get me coffee, i need to relax, i need to keep smiling

Its a hard knock life.