Which way to go?

“You can be anything in this world”

He said,

Just commit your books, and don’t sit still, he added

My dad never allowed me to watch TV in the morning, he argued that there is no way someone will wake up at 4 am,  on Monday,to beat traffic to get to work, while i stay behind wake up at at 10 am ans sit by the TV remote

Dad was right, i still think so,

I think he nurtured me, to be who i am today, i know so, because they say they like how i work,,Cheers to dad,

Today dad says, you are still young(mid 20’s) you have a whole life to live, i smile broadly

They say’ What are you waiting for.you have read, you have a job, what else,

My friends think i should start a family, or show signs of something like that,,

which way should i go,

I don’t know any more, i believe both parties,

All  my age mates are now mum’s, of two kids at least,

But wait, My sister( 2 years older) has not shown any signs,

I think i can take comfort in that,

No no no,, today elder siblings do not set the path,, they say again

You shouldn’t wait, forge ahead, look at Rose, Mary, Hannah,,they are doing well, you the only one-i shrink back

What became of our society, what are these targets on  my head that you have established for me,,why ,,

My thinking: dad said i can do better then, am somewhere today,

My buddies say am late, i sometimes feel so,

Can somebody help?

where is me,,



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