One year on.

The excitement was inexcusable,

The thought of all the dreams, rushing across my mind,

its one year since college,

Its also one year since i got the pay slip,

But wait, new job, new people, less family, new environment

Lets scale it,,

New job-Good

New people(though weird)-Good

Less family-bad

New environment-bad

( New environment,,bad,bad, born and bred in the city, only visited grandpa on Christmas, but here i am, working at the country side, conservative life, no short skirts, no fancy movie places, no trendy fashion, and definitely no English)

One year on, life is a trial, development is key, survival is even more key,

i got bills i gonna pay, so i gotta work, work, everyday

I got to feed, so i got make sure i work and feed.

One year on, life still moves, so do I


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