A day’s sigh

Its the end of another day,

but the Beginning was not worth a while

So, I call her, CEO

women in leadership and big positions,

Its ok, am also trying to establish me,

But wait, why the ire, Am also working !!!

Crrr, Crrrr,, Pop! Hi, “My name is bla bla bla

and i want to subscribe to your print magazine

Infact i had talked to your colleague “Njeri” Thus your number,

Please let me know whats the procedure” sighs


Her: Listen lady,,(worried me), if you are working with Njeri(former employee) behind doors then am sorry

Sorry( Me surprised, for what)..Use the official address

Hangs up…………………………………

Crrr,,,Crrrr Its me again,

I needed to subscribe to your publications and…..

Lady, i told you use the official address (remember its CEO, )

bla bla bla bla….Hangs up,,,,

Me : Lost, confused, hates my morning more.

Anyway tomorrow is a new day, new moods, new trying

Will try again.

Sighs….Snaps out!



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