In a foreign land

Opportunity strikes once,

And mine had surely come,

The exciting feeling, inadequacy of the moment,

It reminded  me of lower school,

How we packed all luggage and slept awake waiting to go home,

The ecstasy to even eat,think,laugh..

The moment was here.


After many years of fantasy,

The imagination of how it would have been,

The prayers and dedication,

Every shilling that had to count counted.

The involvement of the high end know all people

Those that would make the dream come true

Yet here it came shining so bright on my eyes.


The village members,elders,who is who were here

This was no ordinary thing,

It was surely everything,

The community assembled,they had to hear my last words.,

Gosh! it was as though i was dying,

But yeah these were my family,since i could mumble

Now it was obligatory,to bade off one of them

Its like a fallen soldiers last respect


No one knows of tomorrow, so they preached,

My tomorrow had come and gone.

I haven’t known what happened to date

A decade has gone,

Am stuck here, the questions slowly died out,

Just like my dream,

of seeing a foreign land away from  third world states,

Its the Disney land fantasy,

And a fantasy it remains.






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