Of books and knowledge

Librarians are tour guides for all of knowledge.

” My name is… and my role is storing knowledge for you”


That was the response i got after a brief introduction of what my role is in the organizations staff meeting

And yes, the library today has closely lost its sense of humor,

Old books, dusty shelves, old prints and Technology

Technology is here to stay, who doesnt like developlment,

isn’t it like owning the latest sports car, or trendung with the latest fashion,

The librarian is a channel, the disseminator of current and trendy information,

The librarian should embrace technology,

But old is gold,

what of the elderly, effective supreme layer in those long coats, Does he know tech,,technolo..gy??

Information should be readily available in all formats, both print and electronic,

Both appealing to the young lad and aged,,

More so customized to fit the user need, to keep the user at bay, interested and captivated.

The Librarian should make thus possible,

Its easy and fun,

We only need to crane higher and capture the need.

The librarian, is the library,the representation of the collection, arrangement,currency,

Lets make our houses attractive






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