Camel library?

Yes i said camel,

Get surprised and appreciate later,

What happens when the thirst for information is beyond measure,

What happens when you know the only left door is through information,

What happens when no one thinks its possible,,

Information is the true key to life, formal ,informal, what counts is the idea, which is information and so is knowledge

Thirst to disseminate knowledge has taken information professionals to a new level,

Lack of resources to fill the niche has not dwindled the thirst,

Camels, can definitely multi task, carry water and so are books

Photo journal: Kenyan camel library
Ships in the desert
The Camel Mobile Library was set up by the government-owned Kenya National Library Service to improve literacy rates in the north-east.

The practice is now widely practices,

reaching the masses in the interior dry land with source of water to quench their thirst for information,

The users here are nomadic, they come today, tomorrow gone.

The camel enables providence of information for them at that hour,

Tomorrow is a new day, and the camel is on its track to quench yet another nomad.

So no matter the circumstance, everything be possible.

Lets embrace knowledge, lets promote information dissemination





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