Dear Dad,

Its been so long,

i should have written earlier

but am doing now,

better late than never,

Its a month since I Left,

How time flies, how its snatches away beautiful moments

I keep reminding me that I am a big girl,

I need to know how to pay the bills,

It will take time to adjust.

Now I understand why you kept insisting I re check the taps before leaving,

Now  I uunderstand why you frowned when lights were left all night

Its the hardship of survival,

But am glad that you kept reminding me,

Now i have to check my own

Lest i stretch my arms in aid of the bills.

I never liked how hard you knocked on my door, early mornings,

I used to groan and complain

Today my alarm is my saving grace,

It took so long to appreciate this small things,

How i wish time would flow back just for a day,

But i have to live with it, and be the daughter every dad wants

then i know you will know it was never in vains,

Dear dad,

As i conclude this,

I am doing my school work, because discipline was our first motto,

I have to let go the coffee dates, because my books need not complain,

But dad, can I go later on after am through?

I know you understand this things.

Dear dad thanks you for your patience,

Thank you for teaching me,

Thank you for being my role model,

Now i gonna go so you be proud some day

Good bye dad,

I will see you soon.

From your beautiful daughter,

Marthah Tiffz.


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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