Expensive Ignorance

Saturday early morning,

No weekend plans whatoever

My lecturer ensured my weekend is fully booked

loads of assignments and take home CATS

my assignment notebook is indeed full.

I gear up, quick shower and am out

Pounce into the next bus, and being a Saturday

To town takes takes me  15 minutes at most, unlike the usual two hours on Monday

I get to the building and head for the library


I say to myself” this public servants, when will they ever be on time”

Angry i drop down one floor

Off to the computer lab, I have no time, my assignments are calling

The lab too is closed,

Now i feel distressed

I try the other E resources lab, finally its open

However, there are no students, its unusual

So i inquire from the cleaning lady,

“hi, can i already sit”

She says: Nope. We just cleaning up and closing up,,,,,,

say what…I am doomed.

I make one big 360 turn,,there it is

“the Library and ICT labs will remain closed until Monday” glares the notice board.

What a waste of a morning, my poor assignments

Fuck the CATs deadline, my shallow pockets, I need a cyber, i have to do the assignments

If only they would send this notices on our personal numbers,

maybe we would say we are digital enabled…

Maybe no one would suffer again


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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