The Morning text

Its early morning

5  o’clock alarm on set

wake up and peeps through my phone

there is a morning text

i smile, it must been him

I blush shyly, yet alone, with no one on site

I sit still,

contemplating on the past

the first day we met, I smile more

Under the chestnut tree, we first kissed

I  Missed the moment

Sooner or later, i geared my self

Unlocked my phone, i like my privacy

On to the text

Ohh no, i try to re read

Its the same, now and again

So i retrace my steps, yesterday night

” i should have hanged out with my buddies-

Instead of chatting with you” it read in part

What was this about, my poor sweet memories

fading as fast as they came

I should have thought-before i doz-zed off, in the middle of the chat

Its a morning text

A text of doom,

someone get me coffee, i need to relax, i need to keep smiling

Its a hard knock life.


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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