Being a librarian


How did i become one? (goes back memory lane)

here it is, yes definitely, back in school our dreams were valid,

when i grow up i wanna be a lawyer, doctor, lecturer, engineers

All big words characterized our dream, mine wasn’t that bid but valid,

Cabin crew was where my heart thudded for

So just what happened, the exams were out and oops! Your grade determined

your career path, with an addition of conservative parents, cabin crew was out of

the picture,,,tip top i ended in library class and alas! here we are.

Librarianship is fantastic, i consider it to be more of the nurses type

That moment when you have a persistent cough, stomach ache and only a nurse

can help you, the sight of their white attire calms you down

That is how i feel as a librarian, with information being the medication,

Information is power, i didn’t say so, but now i know so

Being a librarian involves being up to toes with information

Any new information, whether social, political, cultural, economic

people see you as the unknown saviour

they trust our words, they know if you cant get it, the librarian will.

But wait did my lecturer teach me this, 4 years in college,

No way, he was out to make money, cover the syllabus and allocate marks

In-fact only me who can define my librarian roles and live by them, see what the

field has in store for me, its no joke, people expect you to be higher than the sun

and so there we are , always researching  and making people happier everyday.

Now here is a new month, to me a better one, got a new librarian position

Yes but not all is happy to me, its a Law firm library, that my teacher didn’t mention, am sure

so here i am, sitting as the main boss, books of law, books on law all staring at my

poor mind, no induction, clients coming in, big names of lawyers i see on publication

they want this, that, an update of this, a recent legal notice…dear Me! I wish i

could call on mama, to give me this expected to be general knowledge

and when all seems blurred, i turn to my blog, my consolation

And then Google, get new ideas, get definition of terms, apply them,

ask the (lawyers) be the librarian they want

I need to up my game

I need to make them happy, I need to be a law librarian lecturer someday

to show them and tell them its not all about books, even laws

amending laws, updating new acts, defining legal notices

and maybe they will to be even lawyers,,

for now, when my consolation is got, i turn back to the hip of laws

get my mind into action, make it think

Amend laws, and be the librarian they wished for,

Its another day, one step at a time

Librarian it is, Law librarian i meant.


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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