Trying to get casual

Its a new month, a new day

to some a new environment

A new people, new faces

some familiar(close to none), yet friendly or none

I try to get casual, to fit in here

My head spins, faster than it ever did

I need to think faster, make decisons

All which i will be liable in th long run

I call my girl, her voice calms me down

Its a new challenge, i asked for it, I need to face it

I try to get casual, to fit in here.

I loo around, trying to get familiar

At least i know the bath rooms, and the kitchen

Before i get to know my telephone extension,

someone already called, i can see the name,

but the face,,all lost in the 1001 people i was inducted to

I try to get casual, to fit in here

i miss the old life, but i cannot afford the luxury of comfort

I need to woman up, get my ass up and face the world

its what i was created for

slowly i sip my drink, and call it lunch

In no time i will be back to serious face

like that of the boss, but wait, my name is Tiffz the smily one

But at word i gonna have to be Tiffz the serious one,

Until am settled, then I can smile all I want, its in me

I will be casual then, and well fit in


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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