Fare thee well

Counting my blessings so far

this walk, my last walk, my last talk

i think even my last lunch and coffee

it has been a splendid moment

meeting new buddies,

getting to know them,

sharing in heir deepest worries and stories

at this time of my life,

I was meant to meet them,

How happy i am for the blessing

our moments will remain tucked in, away from the prey

only mountains fail to meet

but us we surely shall

There are always greener pastures

and new destines to explore

fare thee well

i will remember fondly

the many names you gave me

every name attached to the event

oh my girl, all i did was laugh and laugh

and forget my worries

every laugh was worth 1001 years

happy moment, happy selfies, happy tags

it was worth while

fare thee well


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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  1. I know this is gonna end well
    some people come into your life
    open windows you’d shut tight
    let in the sun and the wind

    help you dust out the cobwebs
    and light up candles
    where you thought it was dark
    the experience has been the best

    there are memories that last forever
    these are some of them
    it’s been a delight
    and a pleasure to work with you

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    • I cant deal with the unbearable tears
      they flow freely
      i wish it were up to me
      maybe i would hide them
      and later let them out for you to see

      on second thought
      lets walk the walk together
      its better than the talk.
      always and forever

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      • always by your side
        we were but strangers
        and now …
        now the
        thought of going away

        of not seeing you again
        is a burning ache
        one that leaves a bad taste
        and a lump in my throat

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      • the future is much brighter
        the wind may be too strong as the storm roars
        but we must tap what lies at that other edge
        perhaps destiny,,perhaps our lives
        the ones we have so long desired

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