The tower bell

bellcall it bell tower, carillons any can do

how could i forget, it was my worst species

OK that’s  fifteen years ago

so high, tiny yet so noisy

5.00am was the time it mercilessly rang,

making me rush out of bed, at only 10years, to cold shower

damn it! I thank heavens i grew up finally

ours was a significance of time

i wish it rang at least a minute later, poor wishes

they said it gives as sense of grandeur, but i believe its for a selected few

perhaps the community of nuns,for worship hours

i hated it, it was torturous, a 10year old, up at 5am

but the feelings changed, when it rang, close to lunch hour

yeah, eating hour, despite my svelte body

despite the poor quality of food,

nonetheless , choices were limited, so quickly we bolted

the tower bell, towered so graciously

ours was a bit analog, you could see us count

the ringing method was tiring

one, two— times represented 1pm

our favorite

just who had all the strength to pull and push the heavy bell

did he wake up at 5am to do the same

at ten of age, nothing like electronic made sense

Today am better, can relate to it

All in all forever live the bell, with its pros and cons


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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