With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Tic tack goes the clock, yawns once, twice

its morning again, checks, to do list,

nothing except go to work make a living.

wait I thought am already living, how else

they say a better living, a better tomorrow, is it practical

even the rich, got problems on how to manage their richness, is this the tomorrow am making?

The tomorrow people, TV series, safeguard our likes,but what the point of safeguarding if tomorrow is unknown

i say live now, make it now, enjoy now, tomorrow is a story, work for today, the story of tomorrow is untold , until we get to tomorrow, we shall just speak, live, eat, enjoy, today.

just saying


About tiffzsmily

Puzzled by the wonders of the earth and life as a whole. I choose to smile and let it be

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